Advice & Safety Notes

Advice and Safety Notes

The Club is fully compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act, ALL persons using the Course and facilities of Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club have a duty of care to ensure their own safety and an obligation NOT to breach any rules laid down for their own and others safety. ALL Golf related activities can be dangerous. Players are reminded of the need for care and vigilance before striking a golf ball. Particular care must be taken to look out for and give way to walkers on both the public and coastal footpaths as outlined below.


Public Footpath No 17

Players are reminded that this Public Footpath from Freshwater to West Bay, crosses the Golf course and walkers have every right to use it, At present, the path runs from the 1st Green along the track to the site of the old green keepers sheds where it enters the Golf course and proceeds through the gap in the wall in front of the 11th tee where it then continues west to the right of the 12th green and across the top of the ‘dip’ on the 16th fairway then through the fence into the field on the left of the 16th fairway. Extreme Care should be exercised when walkers are in range and must be given the right of way before playing. Special Care should be exercised when teeing off from the 9th, 10th, 11th & 16th Tees; also when approaching the ‘dip’ on the 16th fairway plus playing approach shots to the 9th and 12th greens.


Coastal Clifftop Path

Players are also reminded that this Public Footpath from Freshwater to West Bay runs along the seaward side of the Golf Course on the club’s land and walkers have every right to use it. Extreme Care should be exercised at all times when walkers are in range and must be given the right of way before playing, especially when teeing off from the 3rd, 6th 14th & 15th Tees.


Green Staff and Contractors

Green Staff/Contractors have priority on the course.  They will wait & give way wherever practicable.  Please do NOT play where green staff/contractors are within range and wait until the way is clear and/or you have been called through.


Poor Visibility, Thunder and Lightning

ALL PLAYERS attention is drawn to Rule 6-8.and specifically Rule 6-8.a(ii) of the Rules of Golf regarding discontinuance of play, and the fact that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and OBLIGATION that this Rule is adhered to at all times. To prevent possible injuries in the event of playing in poor visibility and/or thunder/lightning, during normal working hours when the Club’s Administration, Green and Professional’s Staff are in attendance, the sounding of three short blasts on the Klaxon is a warning to players that they MUST suspend play and leave the course. Failure to obey the klaxon will result in disqualification from an official competition and disciplinary action may be taken against any player disobeying this rule.

All players have a duty of care to themselves and others and a claim that the klaxon was not heard is not acceptable as a reasonable excuse for not leaving the course in view of the provisions in the Rules of Golf . We urge players to exercise common sense and if the conditions are marginal then err on the side of caution and come in off the course.



Golf shoes (not training or sports shoes) are mandatory on the course, players are advised that spiked shoes are highly recommended in slippery conditions and particularly in the winter months, players are advised to use caution on slopes, particularly the path down to the 6th green and on any steps.


Personal Insurance

Players are strongly advised, in their own interests, to ensure that they are adequately insured not only to cover their personal & third party liability whilst playing golf but also their equipment whilst at the Clubhouse.



If whilst in the Clubhouse, the fire alarm is sounded, you are to leave the building by the nearest fire exit and muster in the car park below the clubhouse. Do Not use the lift!


Care of the Course

  • Before leaving a bunker a player should carefully rake and smooth all marks and ruts in sight.
  • Please Do not take practice swings on the tees.
  • Please Do use access steps to tees, where provided.
  • Please Keep to paths and walkways; do not walk across playing surfaces unless necessary.
  • Please do not drop litter on the course.
  • Please do not tale trolleys or buggies onto, Tees or Aprons of greens or greens or Across white lines on aprons of greens.


Mobile Phones

Please keep mobile phones in the silent mode both in the clubhouse and on the course. If you make or receive a call then please move to an area where it will not affect other users of the course and clubhouse.


Pace of Play

Priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term “group” includes a single player.


Players are asked to note and it will add to the enjoyment of everyone by remembering, that they should invite faster players to play through. Please do not play until the players in front are out of range.

 Please keep just behind the match in front NOT just in front of the match behind.


Clubhouse and Main Entrance Gate Closing Times

Please note that for security reasons the clubhouse and entrance gate will normally be locked at the time shown on the notices at the entrance gate, subject to course and clubhouse usage, when they may be locked earlier.   If you intend to leave your car in the car park overnight please inform the steward or duty bar staff in advance.


Dogs shall not be allowed in the Clubhouse.  Dogs may be taken on the course but MUST be kept on a leash at all times.


Please, Please, Please,

Replace and or fill divots on fairways


Repair all pitch marks on the greens.


Enjoy your game and help others to enjoy theirs too!