Equality Statement

Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club (the Club) are committed to ensuring that all Members, guests, visitors, contractors, volunteers and employees of the Club will not be subjected to any discrimination, treatment or experience which may be considered to be unequal or contrary to the terms of the Equality Act 2010.


Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club is committed to supporting the principle and practice of equality and equal opportunities.
No person acting in any capacity should receive any less favourable treatment, on the grounds of:

•    Age.
•    Disability.
•    Gender reassignment.
•    Marriage and Civil partnership.
•    Religion or belief.
•    Race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origin).
•    Sex and or Sexual Orientation.

The Club is also committed to promoting equal access to golf and club facilities for all, by identifying potential barriers and implementing best practice to overcome such barriers to ensure that everyone is able to conduct their activities free from direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation.


Direct Discrimination:  Treating someone less favourably than you would treat others in the same circumstances.

Indirect Discrimination:  Occurs when, intentionally or not, a requirement or condition is applied which disproportionately and detrimentally affects a person or group more than any other.

Harassment:  Inappropriate behaviour, comments or physical contact that is objectionable or causes offence to the recipient.

Victimisation:  Being treated less favourably than another on the grounds that he or she has made some complaint of discrimination or harassment through internal procedures or external means, against the Club or a member.

The Club regard any of the above as serious misconduct and any Member, employee, contractor or volunteer who practices it will be dealt with under the Club’s disciplinary procedures.


Any complaints about inequality, discrimination, harassment or victimisation should be made to the Golf Reception Manager or Chairman, preferably in writing.