Ladies Section

More and more women are choosing to take up golf because it has so many great aspects to it.
However, there are still too many women out there unaware of this great sport and what it could offer them.
1. Exercise. Golf is a great way to burn calories without noticing. The average golfer will burn around 1500 calories per 18 holes of golf!
2. Socialising. Golf is no longer a rather stuffy, class ridden game it is indeed one of the most social of sports and you will find that there is a membership package that will suit all pockets! A golf club is a great community to be a part of at any age. We organise a number of social events throughout the year. As a member you can enjoy the fantastic views from our members bar and terrace, as a place to meet friends for a coffee or for lunch.
3. Relationships. Playing golf with partners, friends and children in the fresh air, refreshes your body and gives a natural lift besides being great fun.
4. Learning and competing. Learn a new sport and let your competitive side out! Golf is also a great way to keep an ageing mind agile and focussed.
5. Travel. It is common for golfers to take group golf holidays all over the world. It’s a great way to combine sport and travel!

Ladies Section Committee

Mrs Jane Dowling Captain
Mrs Sally Woolmington Vice Captain
Mrs Viv Gill Treasurer
Ms Marion Hurley Secretary
Mrs Maureen Hicks Handicap Secretary
Mrs Pat Baldwin Immediate Past Captain
Mrs Di Neal Competition Secretary
Mrs Sue Winkle County Delegate
Mrs Carole Hedley Committee Member
Committee Member

If you have any questions relating to golfing matters affecting the Ladies playing membership then please seek out the Captain or one of the committee who will be happy to discuss your concerns, or “suggestions” and take them forward.

The Ladies competition day is every Tuesday morning plus a small entry competition on Saturday mornings for working Ladies.  Entry sheets are in the Ladies locker room.