Gender Free Tees

Encouraged by England Golf and the R & A the Club, in 2020, made the decision to commit to Gender Free (GF) tees. The tradition of playing from specific colour tees for men and women was abandoned and replaced with those which any member can now play off to suit their ability and preference. We now have GF tees so that golfers who are losing length can move to forward tees, improving players can gain an extra challenge by moving back, and social golfers can choose to play together off the same tees.

There are 4 courses, each with its own scorecard, and are named Jurassic (purple), Chesil (orange), Harbour (blue), and Hardy (green). The Jurassic course, being the longest, is rated for men only on the advice of the Dorset County Golf Union whereas the other 3 are totally GF and can be played by all members. Each GF course has been rated for both Men and Ladies under the WHS system. The Hardy course, being the shortest, is used for Winter play typically between 1st November and 31st March.

Whichever course you choose to play you can be assured of magnificent coastal views, a variable breeze, some challenging rough and a warm welcome for refreshments at our halfway house or in our modern clubhouse.

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