6th Hole1


 Over its long history the course has seen many changes.  For the first 20  years it was situated on West Cliff before moving to its current site on East  Cliff in 1911.  It became a 18 hole course in 1921 and since then has  witnessed further alterations, the last major one being in 1989 with the  acquisition of additional land on which has been built today’s 1st, 9th, 17th  and 18th holes and the new Clubhouse.

 An outstandingly beautiful vista awaits all who play the course with scenic  views not only over the sea and shore, but inland to the two highest points in  Dorset, Pilsdon Pen and Lewesdon Hill.  The course abounds with wildlife  and the singing of a skylark is a regular sound to be heard.

The signature hole, the 6th, is only 133 yards long but has a drop of over 90  feet with one commentator rating it in the top 100 holes in the world.


CPC (40)

A dry stone wall features on four of the holes, one of which is the 371 yard 13th.  The legendary Max Faulkener drove the green (365 yards at the time) in an exhibition match in 1952.

With a variable wind, changing weather and a challenging course, a round at Bridport is a test for all levels of golfer.

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