Younger People Golf at Bridport

Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club welcome young people at the club.
For those new to golf, taster sessions are available.
Young person packages are available.
Access to driving range and putting green.

For enquiries about young peoples golf here at Bridport then don’t hesitate and click the button below and contact us.

Play a round of golf with your friends or family, or just practice your swing on the driving range. We’re keen to support Rory McIlroy’s initiative to get more young people, boys and girls , engaged in golf.
Here are the reasons why you might like to give it go.
1. Social
Golf is one of the most social sports ever invented. Come a play a round with your friends, or come along a make some new friends. As a member you can use the club as a place to meet friends for a drink or a bite to eat. We also organise a number of social events throughout the year.
2. Exercise outside
Golf is a great way to burn calories without noticing. The average golfer will burn around 1500 calories per 18 holes of golf! It’s also a great way to destress.
3. Family friendly
Play golf with friends and family.
4. Learn a new sport
Enjoy learning a new skill and improving over time. Set your own personal challenge!
5. Competition
Let your competitive side out! golf is the only sport where you are your own referees, play in the weekly competitions or simply for fun and try and beat your friends!









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