Hole by Hole

Hole By Hole

Hole 1 - Burton Drive

427 yards, Par 4, SI 4 A challenging dogleg par 4 to begin your round. A long drive to the centre of the fairway will provide the best line into the green. However, an errant drive to the right will bring two large ponds into play and flirt with the OOB. Anything left will leave a long shot in. An accurate second shot is needed to hold the two-tiered green that falls steeply off on the left-hand side and is protected by a bunker on the front right.

Hole 2 - Larkrise

390 yards, Par 4, SI 2 Into the prevailing wind, this is a tough ‘2 shotter’ that needs a good drive up the centre (marker post) followed by a precise second as the green is protected by bunkers left and right. Most players come up short with the deceptive slightly uphill distance so take one more club than you think.

Hole 3 – Chesil

535 yards, Par 5, SI 10 A tough par 5 that requires good positional shots and planning. Aim your drive down the left-hand side so as to avoid the large depression on the right. For your second shot check your yardage and take a club to leave a full approach to a well-guarded large green that falls away from you. This hole has spectacular views over Chesil Beach and across Lyme Bay to Portland Bill.

Hole 4 – Freshwater

169 yards, Par 3, SI 14 A great par 3 to test all golfers. A well-struck shot aimed at the left centre of this left-to-right sloping green is ideal. The two front bunkers must be avoided. Most players come up short on the rising ground so make sure you take enough club.

Hole 5 – Shepherds Hut

521 yards, Par 5, SI 8 A double dog leg that big hitters can reach in two by cutting across an area of thick rough and the Shepherds Hut. To do this a long drive up the left-hand side of the fairway is a necessity. However, if the prevailing South Westerly wind is blowing then treat this hole with respect. A good drive up the centre is necessary to allow a full second shot around the corner. You are then faced with a challenging approach shot.

Hole 6 – Port Coombe

129 yards, Par 3, SI 16 The jewel in the crown. Probably the most spectacular and photographed Par 3 you have ever played. Voted in the top 50 par 3’s in GB & Ireland. The tee stands proudly on top of the cliff, part of the Jurassic Coast, and looks beguilingly down almost to beach level at a testing green surrounded by bunkers. Club selection is always difficult with players hitting anything from a wedge to a 5 iron or more!

Hole 7 – North Hill

248 yards, Par 4, SI 18 A short par 4 up the hill and a hole that long hitters can reach with a good drive. However, the green is protected by four-pot bunkers at the front so to secure your par play a shorter club up the centre of the fairway to leave a simple approach to the flag.

Hole 8 – Shipton

358 yards, Par 4, SI 12 A relatively straightforward dogleg par 4 that rewards a good drive. Judgement of distance with your approach is all-important to a fast-running green that slopes from right to left. Avoid the bunkers at the front of this green at all costs.

Hole 9 – Colmer’s Hill

361 yards, Par 4, SI 6 Favour the right side of the fairway with your tee shot and then you will have the best line to the green for your second. A drive to the right will bring 2 deep bunkers and OOB into play and to the left another deep bunker will need to be avoided. Again, take one more club than you think for your second as most shots come up short due to the rising ground. A testing par 4 to finish the front 9.

Hole 10 – Swans Dip

175 yards, Par 3, SI 11 A tough start to the back 9. A positive shot from the tee is needed to carry a large pond in front of the green. Check your yardage and favour an extra club to safely carry the trouble. A par 3 here sets you up for a great back 9. After this hole on-course toilets are available, and on special days, refreshments from the halfway house.

Hole 11 – Hardy’s View

396 yards, Par 4, SI 3 The drive is critical here and long hitters need to be aware of a hidden bunker in the centre of the fairway which is tiered and the best line in is from the lower left-hand side. An errant drive to the right will invariably find heavy rough and very little chance of reaching the green in two. The green slopes from right to left so always try to leave a putt from below the hole. A testing hole and a great par 4.

Hole 12 – Golden Cap

494 yards, Par 5, SI 7 A tough dogleg par 5 even on a calm day. From an elevated tee with spectacular sea views the drive is across the valley to an uphill sloping fairway. If you find the centre of this fairway you are faced with a long second shot over an integral stone wall using the marker post for direction. Achieve the fairway again and you have a relatively straightforward pitch into the green. However, there is a bunker and large depression on the right

Hole 13 – Stonewall

374 yards, Par 4, SI 9 As the name suggests a stone wall is an integral obstacle on this hole. However, even a good drive down the centre will leave a tricky second to a well-guarded green with bunkers left and right. As all the trouble is close to the front of the green a shot to the centre would be beneficial.zx

Hole 14 – Ravens Perch

158 yards, Par 3, SI 15 A superb par 3 where the wind will always play its part. The tee shot needs to be struck with confidence at a two-tiered green that is near the cliff edge and surrounded by bunkers. From the tee, the ground rises so take one more club than you think and give yourself every chance of walking off with an excellent par.

Hole 15 – Lyme View

443 yards, Par 4, SI 1 Against the prevailing wind, even the long hitters will struggle to get near the green in two. A good drive will pass the three bunkers on the right-hand side leaving over 200 yards to a well-bunkered green on the right. Please be aware of OOB on the left-hand side, If you do hit your ball OOB please take extreme care as the cliff edge is very close. The green is large and slopes from left to right so a par 4 here is quite an achievement.

Hole 16 – West Bay

551 yards, Par 5, SI 5 Turning for home and the longest hole on the golf course awaits. To get any chance of getting to the green in two shots a long drive down the centre is required. The fairway slopes gently downhill, the second shot has to carry an old quarry or failing that the golfer will be playing a blind third to the green from the fairway. In any event, a par 5 will be achieved providing the undulating green can be mastered. There are no bunkers near the green

Hole 17 – Copse Corner

349 yards, Par 4, SI 13 A short par 4 that offers some respite from the previous two holes. A drive up the right-hand side of the fairway avoiding two dangerous bunkers should then move to the left using the sloping fairway and leave a relatively simple approach to a long green. Bunkers protect both the left and right-hand sides of the green so par is not assured but it would be disappointing to drop a shot here.

Hole 18 – Home

183 yards, Par 3, SI 17 The closing hole and a great par 3 that is in front of the clubhouse. A tee shot to the centre of the green will set up a birdie opportunity, but anything hit left can reach the OOB. A large green with subtle undulations will test your putting skills. Get a three on your card here and it will be a fine way to finish your round at Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club